Sniffer dogs – Inside Health 2/2/17

smells and cancer

dog sniffing at patch of skin disease turned out to be cancer reported in Lancet in 1989
followed by anecdotes

2004 study in BMJ – ‘proof of concept’
dogs using the smell of urine to detect bladder cancer
6 dogs, detected 22 out of 54 people with bladder cancer

2006 american study
lung cancer study germany 2011

small study melanoma 7 patients

colorectal cancer sensitivity .91, specificity .99

but also hype

Medical Detection Dogs receives green light for first canine prostate cancer trial in UK

Mr Steele commented: “My colleagues and I have been so impressed by the initial investigations by Medical Detection Dogs into prostate cancer screening using dogs.
“The current PSA and Free-to-Total tests are the best we have right now, but they leave a great deal of room for improvement. We need a testing method that is quick, preferably non-invasive and most importantly reliable to encourage men to come and be tested.
“In their training trials, Medical Detection Dogs have achieved 93 per cent reliability and this has been supported by the recent study by Italian scientists who have recorded 98 per cent reliability.
“If they can prove in this study that dogs are reliable at detecting cancer then we will have the evidence we need to offer sample screening by dogs as an optional test in our cancer clinic.
“We should not miss this opportunity to save thousands of lives.”

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