The State of Medicine – keeping the promise of the NHS



Here’s the book

Here’s a podcast from the BMJ 

why the NHS is now Westminster’s chew toy and needs to be liberated from it (Independent)

and how calling non evidence based medicine ‘innovation’ will simply waste NHS money and resources (Guardian)

Times – GPs who sell their services online


I’m grateful for having an error with references pointed out to me (I’m also silver-cloud pleased that someone has taken the time to read the references)

chapter 8: should be

reference 3)  Lancet, March 14th, 1911

reference 4)  this is actually from a ‘GP’ otherwise anonymous, and not from the wrongly cited Fraser Brokington and Lambert (who wrote the next letter on the page) . Apologies

Review in the BJGP  “The message of this book is important. We must hope that it reaches a general readership, or, hoping even more bravely, that it reaches an audience amongst the political classes.” = I hope so too

Review in the Lancet  ‘ a tour de force’ – but will anything change?

Aye Write – Glasgow book festival. Me and the marvellous Aarathi Prasad on National Health Services (please don’t be disappointed: she is gorgeous and it’s her in the photo here, not me… )

review in BMJ blogs 

Article in New Statesman 


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