RCGP Council 22nd Nov 14

1) CQC.

I think I said that the data dump by the CQC was mince and that I was very concerned about the lack of proven validity and the chosen targets which supposedly exemplify quality. I should have a column in the BMJ about this soon.

2) Obesity.

I reiterated that GPs do not have the solution to obesity. Our interventions don’t work. The RCGP influence should be at a political policy level and should not pretend to anyone least of all politicians that we can solve it. We can’t.

3) Commercial sponsorship. I asked that the RCGP formally review it’s sponsorship arrangements with Pharma stalls at conferences. Other conferences are pharma free. I asked if the ethics committee could review this.


The overdiagnosis group is working away and shall start reporting in Feb/March.

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