One Response to “Inside Health 23/9/13”

  1. John October 27, 2014 at 1:53 am #

    How refreshing to hear this edition of Inside Health (it took me a while to get around to the podcast) but Dr Tabbi Lesley got away with the following comment: “we have found that melanomas usually arise on sun exposed areas–in men it’ll usually be on their backs where they take their shirts off and get sunburnt.” But surely this statement ignores the evidence: heads, hands and arms are the most exposed areas. So melanoma rates have nothing to do with amount of exposure to the Sun it’s actually all about exposing pale skin for the first time in mid-summer instead of a more natural build-up from springtime. Perhaps because the use of SunScreen never allows these men to build up a protective tan? Has anyone looked for evidence that a suntan is the best protection from melanoma, not sunscreen?