One Response to “Further privatisation is inevitable under the proposed NHS reforms”

  1. Dr No May 19, 2011 at 11:29 pm #

    Peedell’s sound worthy and important but plodding article is the academic version of Dr No’s ‘If It Walks Like a Duck.’

    Dr No has made the point before and will continue to make it: we are not going to win this argument with learned prose stuffed with guff like “Some authors have tried to create a coherent taxonomy of the act of privatisation”. Even Dr No’s eyes glaze over at that kind of waffle. No politician is going to get beyond the first word. Most of the public wont even get that far.

    The arguments are actually very simple, and can be made on the back of an envelope. The Bill will (a) remove the SoS’s (and so the government’s) duty to provide a health service and (b) reorganise the stucture of our health service to mirror the American system, and so can become an American system.

    It doesn’t matter whether the politicans want to shag or shit on the NHS – it’s a red herring. Once the American structure is in place, greed and market forces – ‘the market’ – will as sure as night follows day ensure we get an American system.