Inside Health 31/1/17

Hernia repair and outcomes 

and in Bristol 

original RCTs – note how many people didn’t take part

overview from NZ 


other papers of note

[PDF]Systematic review of the clinical effectiveness and cost … – NICE…/assessment-report-laparoscopic-surgery-for-inguinal-hernia-r.

Procedures for managing individual funding requests

3 Responses to “Inside Health 31/1/17”

  1. Ruth Howlett February 1, 2017 at 4:13 pm #

    Dear Margaret

    Just listened with Ibterest about the hard stops being applied by CCGs. Recent experience has shown me that this is also affecting palliative care and ends of life care for the elderly. Two personal experiences in october 2916 where a dying friend had to wait to be “fast tracked” for nursing care at home. She didn’t get it in time and died in a hospice. And my mother in law who died from the effects of dementia degeneration who was assessed for nursing care provision in her nursing home but the CCG stalled signing off the provision so her last dying days were made more tricky due to stupid paperwork issues about who was allowed to give her palliative medicines. It was a battle and I am glad I am a nurse to be able to fight her cause for her.
    The CCGs are interfering in all sorts of levels and it is not helping our health service to be intergrated. It is widening the gap between community and hospitals.
    In my field of specialism of Pain Medicine I see more folk arriving for bread and butter surgery already on substantial doses of opiates which makes their post operative recovery more difficult. They have had to manage for up to a year going through the hoops the CCG has put in place. Their quality of life has been substantially affected and they arrive to surgery déconditionnes and harder to rehab.
    It’s very frustrating to see the decline in provision. I have been a nurse since 1984 so have seen the rise and now the fall of the system and I’m very fearful for my patients going g forward.

  2. margaretadmin February 2, 2017 at 10:46 am #

    thanks Ruth: I agree. These harms are going uncounted and I find this truly unforgivable.

  3. Ruth Howlett February 2, 2017 at 10:16 pm #

    How do we ensure they are going to be counted? No one seems interested in properly auditing the consequences. The government seems to feel it is imperative to hide the truth of this rationing.
    I am going to ask our CCG for a response for their tardy action. They had my mother in laws papercwork for 10 days and signed it the 24 hours before she died.
    I was able to fight her corner. I don’t want other families to have to repeat the experience.