RCGP council 23/9/16

Things I said:

  1. GP Forward View, again raising concerns that there is a lot of non evidenced policy in there. This seems to be pushing ahead despite a lack of evidence to say whether this is safe, effective, or ends up pushing more resources at people who already had more resources and could potentially widen health inequalities.
  2. @docdomp proposed, and I seconded a motion that the Chair of Council (who is currently voted for by members of Council every 3 years) should be voted for my members instead. This wasn’t passed. I said that the argument that Faculties would reflect the votes of members reminded me of the argument that men could reflect their wives’ views when they voted. The chair-elect, Helen Stokes Lampard, did say that in view of our concerns that members (in our view) often felt they didn’t have much of a say in who was Chair, she would set up a short life working group to examine. 20 voted for, 33 against, 4 abstained.
  3. Last year I had brought a motion to Council which was overwhelmingly passed, making it clear that the RCGP does not support or endorse homeopathy. This was challenged by a few people who are members of the College and wanted the position changed. I didn’t need to speak on this as many others did, and it was very clear that the vast majority wished to maintain the position.
  4. Raised issues about decisions about representation. The president (who is voted in by members) should in my view be the second representative, along with Chair, at the AoMRCs. This is not the case it appears any more and I will raise in a post council letter to officers.  There was other stuff I was prepared to talk about, but other people made my points earlier and better.
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