Inside Health 13/9/16

NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens ‘obesity is the new smoking’


smoking in 70s 1974 half of men smoked now 22%
women 41% 1974 now 19%

obesity in 2010s
1993 about 14% men and 17% women obese
2014 – 25% of each

smoking – difference more than double in highest compared with lowest social classes
33% men most deprived vs 14% least deprived smokers

obesity – disproportionate effects poorer people

children at reception year – 5.9% obese in least deprived
11.9% in most deprived
year six, 11.7% obese in least deprived, 24.3% in most deprived – clear gradient

1/3 5 year olds have dental decay


rationing – report by RCS

weight discrimination – study journal obesity
you receive poorer service or treat- ment than other people from doctors or hospitals
percieved weight discrimination associated with relatively more increase in weight over time

The perception of being obese appears to be more predictive of mental disorders than actual obesity in both adults and children.
Weight stigma increases vulnerability to depression, low self-esteem, poor body image, maladaptive eating behaviours and exercise avoidance.
shame and obesity

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