Inside Health 2/8/16 – statins and the media

Smeeth paper


Jade Goody – cervical cancer -> rise in smear rates – month after her death was 33,000 smear tests than expected
Kylie Minogue
increase in breast screening
20% increase in young women 25-44 having mammon increased by not bx rate
MMR – sorry saga
Cochrane review on
The results suggest that the mass media can have an impact on health services utilisation both as the result of planned campaigns and unplanned coverage.
Angelia Jolie – BRCA screening
BMJ studies in dock
claim that 20% people had statin side effects – was a cohort study – effects (was 17.4% and cohort not controlled trial) , 92.2 % who were rechallenged could restart
other BMJ paper discussing 10% risk threshold
“The primary finding of Abramson and colleague’s article—that the Cholesterol Treatment Trialists’ data failed to show that statins reduced the overall risk of mortality among people with <20% risk of cardiovascular disease over the next 10 years—was not challenged in the process of communication about this correction.”

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