RCGP council 20/6/15

– I spoke against credentialing – where it the evidence of effectiveness, and what are we not doing instead when we are doing the paperwork for it

– Supported John Cosgrove’s excellent #openRGCP paper, which means that all council papers will be open access unless there is good reason not to be. This was widely agreed upon

– Paper from the Overdiagnosis Group which was accepted. This means that in future policy appraisals or comments will have to include tests to ensure that overdiagnosis and overtreatment are considered and mitigated against, and make it easier to share decisions with patients. We will improve it by adding that we expect it to improve the quality of our work, and make it clear that new interventions must be accompanied by opportunity costings. This paper was a lot of work for the group to produce and I’m very pleased that we have achieved such approval from Council.

Additionally, it was clear that GPs wanted better information to give to and share with patients, that we wanted more resources to help us, and that a website should be equipped to let us do this. We will get onto this. We really could do with some resources to help us, as it’s all being done in the margins of our days just now. Will discuss and see if can get some funds from someone/someplace to help.

– Workload paper and patient safety – Opportunity costs. Every time yet another group asks us to take on more work, we need to know what we stop doing to fit this in.

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