Sex education – Inside Health 10/3/16

The two BMJ papers



In total, 23.9% of men compared with only 2.2% of women, cited pornography as a source (19.4% from internet-based pornography and 9.2% from pornographic magazines/films).Ons teenage pregnancy–england-and-wales/2012/sty-conception-rates.html

Obesity and menarche
NHS advice on puberty


Guidance from PSHE



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  1. Patiry November 11, 2015 at 7:33 am #

    Of course the “fatx tax” is nhonitg at all to do with reducing obesity.They are just trying to find a way to get themselves some free funding for thier little charidees, pressure groups and research projects.It’s got nhonitg to do with health, except of course unless you count the healthiness of the pensions and job security of people like Gilmour.