Preventicum and the ASA

Preventicum decided not to go to ASA council and have agreed to amend their adverts.


Because it’s informally resolved, the public don’t get to know what they have been told to change.


So here it is: they are no longer allowed to say that their non evidence based screening tests offer the “highest level of reassurance or peace of mind” for “thorough assessment of current health and risk factors” which are “usually recommended for the over 35 age group”.

It’s boring to keep having to challenge them – they should be FORCED to say that the UK National Screening Committee does not recommend the tests they offer.

Only then will customers get fair information. And why does the CQC not insist on this and do something useful?



2 Responses to “Preventicum and the ASA”

  1. Margaret Moss February 28, 2015 at 8:43 pm #

    I was interested in the Boilers on Prescription discussion and wondered which type of boiler was installed in the trial? Also has the trial been extended to other areas yet?