Young people drinking/smoking – and not

ONS survey–2013/stb-drinking-2013.html#tab-Key-points-in-2013-

Institute of Alcohol studies information on recorded alcohol consumption

Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Smoking and adults

from HSCIC

ASH figures for 15 year olds

PHE/NICE figures for smoking and young people;v=map4

One Response to “Young people drinking/smoking – and not”

  1. Hua Cui May 23, 2015 at 7:21 pm #

    Dear Margaret,

    I’ve recently started a new post working with vunerable young people on various health issues, with a focus on Smoke Prevention. It is very encouraging to see that the national statistics are pointing the right direction in terms of young people’s alcohol and smoking consumption. However, it is also very noticeable even in the month of my new role, that young people are looked after, and accommodated, unemployed, or living in the most deprived areas, the percentage of them smoking or drinking from a very young age is very high. The issue of social inequality created health inequality is still here. I will be very interested in finding out if there’s any specific study on vulnerable young people’s attitude towards health and lifestyle choices.