RCGP council 26th/Sept/14

I’m pleased that the minutes of previous council meetings are now being made available online (always a delay as have to be corrected for the previous time).

The proposal that I made, that the RCGP should drop publishing Emma’s Diary was lost. I am very sad about this. I thought there was an opportunity to reassess what kind of setting for information we want for women and their families. Worse, the RCGP have decided to take on two further publications from the same company – Emma and her toddler and Emma and her labour I think – I am dismayed. It makes me question the direction of travel, and what the College should put it’s name to.

Thanks to the people who have got in touch since and who have shared concerns. (It was a difficult day – following this night . The baseline problem is that in England, The Pregnancy Book went out (apparently due to funding constraints, but there is a lot of online info in NHS Choices. The DoH press office told me months ago that there were no plans to reinstate it.) The RCOG also has a similar advert laden publication. So there is no free easily available alternative. I’m told that Tommy’s has a booklet with fewer adverts.

I’m not sure where to go from here. The College has made a 5 year plan to accept fees for the publication. I want as a GP to be able to give women evidence based, advert free information and advice about pregnancy. It’s easy enough for women with internet access, but what about people without?

Otherwise, I raised concerns about wording of , and issues within, the fundraising strategy; the role of the Trustee Board on financial decisions (with respect to Clarity as well).


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  1. Euan Lawson September 29, 2014 at 2:14 pm #

    I think I would add that it was made clear that this is a Trustee Board decision and they could only take a lead from Council – the final decision doesn’t rest with Council. That cuts both ways, and while I don’t hold out much hope, it is worth pointing out that if anyone feels strongly about this then they should make representations to the Trustee Board ASAP. Perhaps the Trustee Board may have enough reservations to reconsider, and, from what I recall at Council, I’m not sure the 5-year contract has been signed just yet.

    So, there is a tiny window here still – I just wanted to highlight it for those who might like to act immediately to express their concerns.