Inside Health 8/4/14. Flu, and Whole body screening scans and why they are not useful

Oprah Winfrey, 2000

US experience

Overview of medical evidence

Useful background

and from my wonderful friend Hilda Bastian

Legal issues


“COMARE recommends that regulation of these commercial CT services should be reviewed. We also recommend that clients should be provided with comprehensive information regarding dose and risk of the CT scan, as well as rates of false negative and false positive findings. ”

2011 amendment to Ionising Radiation regulations – to include commercial screening CT scans

with the original legislation

Website made my some friends and I about private health screening in general

Screening CT scans of lungs for smokers

US review

and useful critique

 Incidental brain MR findings




Overview from the Health Protection Agency

National Audit Office report

Access to trial data

Announcement that Roche have released data to Cochrane

Cochrane review

Dame Sally Davies letter

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