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  1. kgapo August 11, 2013 at 8:44 am #

    I don’t know really what is more to blame: the total absence of post-discharge written patient information (as in Greece) or the biased, misleading patient information (as in the UK).
    I still remember the powerful impression that made on me, back in the late 70s in Montreal, the pack of papers with information for women admitted for delivery and new mothers at the Royal Victoria Hospital (a McGill Univ. teaching hospital at the time). The information covered preparation for delivery, information about c-section, how to breast feed after delivery and information about the services of the hospital. All plainly typed and reproduced on A4 two sides printed paper.
    When we came back, I spoke about my experience at the RVH to my pediatrician and other doctors and asked why our hospitals and doctors do not give similar information to patients. Some answered that they give “discharge instructions” to patients, others wondered what hospitals could say in such leaflets, and others who had practised in UK and USA said would welcome information to patients but that it was the Ministry’s duty to implement them…
    So now, almost fourty years later, Greek hospitals still don’t publish information to patients, some have on their (in Greek language only, despite the fact that Greece receives more than 14m. tourists every year and that almost 1,5 migrants live in Greece) website rudimentary information on what to bring in when admitted for operation, and the mandatory patient rights legislation.
    However, exactly this mandatory patient rights legislation stipulates that patients have the right of complete and detailed information!! which of course, hospitals fail to offer to patients on all aspects of their health care and hospital stay. As for discharge instructions by physicians, there is much to say there…

  2. Jo September 28, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

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  3. This is really bad for the healthcare department. Who will change this stupid system? We should try something on individual level as well.