Cut out and keep handy Department of Health press release guide


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Today it is revealed that GPs are

failing /getting worse at dementia detection/sending patients to A+E/offering health checks/objecting to telehealth.

This is important because we need to have

an external locus of blame/policy to support the technology industry/policy to support the pharmaceutical industry/policy popular with people also fit enough and able enough to go and vote/control over GPs so that privatisation is easier.

It would be totally untrue to suggest that the aforementioned is

anything to do with NHS commissioning causing fragmentation/staff doing ‘policy’ tasks of little/no value to patients/closing A+E departments/tender for out of hours being based on cost, not safety.

We note that some doctors claim their insubordination is because our policy lacks

evidence/a wish to reduce health inequality/usefulness/resources

However, if we are to achieve a world-class, no decision about me without me, patient choice led shiny logo-ed healthcare, with superb PR and media departments to make the most of commissioning, we need to ensure that

GPs are worn down and blamed/private providers think that GPs can make lots of efficiency savings/the public think they are unhappy with GPs/that secondary care blame GPs, and GPs blame secondary care/that commissioning from private companies looks like it can save the NHS.

(insert report) from Think Tank  (though note; may be using dubious evidence base (eg




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    Brilliant and funny, yet tragic…

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    *****’s for Friends and Family

    -100 QOF points

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    Mgt for Queen of the RCGP