2 Responses to “Daily Mail screening references”

  1. Terence Waites July 25, 2012 at 7:59 pm #

    This is one of a very few Daily Mail Health articles I have read that didn’t make me want to be sick with disgust. I don’t suppose there is any chance that you vet the remaining journalistic output about Health & Medicine in the Mail before it gets on the Website or gets printed? It really would improve the awful reputation the Daily Mail has in this area.

  2. Elizabeth (Aust) July 30, 2012 at 12:55 pm #

    Dr McCartney, It’s interesting that you are challenged and asked to produce evidence, yet outrageous statements are left to go through to the keeper every day on this topic, most information is misinformation, IMO…
    I saw an article recently where an ob/gyn urges all Australian women to have 2 yearly pap testing from 20, including those not yet sexually active. I’ve complained about the comment to the RANZCOG…these people do enormous damage – how many young women will present for pap tests following this advice? If a GP does the right thing and tells her she’s not at risk and shouldn’t test, what is she to think when you have a gynaecologist in the paper urging young women not yet sexually active to have 2 yearly pap tests from age 20?
    Of course, misinformation is rarely, if ever, challenged and corrected – no wonder most women have been completely misled and that appears to be just fine by most of the profession.
    Perhaps, the Sense in Screening, “Ask for evidence” campaign might be a useful tool in these sorts of cases.