Dr Andrew Lansley’s monster

Fantastic editorial in the BMJ.

“What do you call a government that embarks on the biggest upheaval of the NHS in its 63 year history, at breakneck speed, while simultaneously trying to make unprecedented financial savings? The politically correct answer has got to be: mad.

The scale of ambition should ring alarm bells. Sir David Nicholson, the NHS chief executive, has described the proposals as the biggest change management programme in the world—the only one so large “that you can actually see it from space.” (More ominously, he added that one of the lessons of change management is that “most big change management systems fail.”1) Of the annual 4% efficiency savings expected of the NHS over the next four years, the Commons health select committee said, “The scale of this is without precedent in NHS history; and there is no known example of such a feat being achieved by any other healthcare system in the world.”2 To pull off either of these challenges would therefore be breathtaking; to believe that you could manage both of them at once is deluded.” / read on

2 Responses to “Dr Andrew Lansley’s monster”

  1. Mo Stewart February 22, 2011 at 5:03 am #

    Does this not just confirm that the only priority is the budget and not the patients? Given that the Minister for Disabled People and the Minister for Welfare both have a past history in corporate management and finance, it is clear where their priority is and it’s not with the chronically sick, the seriously disabled or with anyone confined to an NHS hospital. This has been apparent now for quite a long time in the NHS, and visiting a friend last winter, in a famous teaching hospital, was cause for concern and any aparent concern for the patients was very well hidden.

  2. apenIgnog November 18, 2012 at 8:42 am #