Your options for cancer

Well, I’d recommend an evidence based approach.

I feel most upset when I read on the ‘Yes To Life – Your options for cancer website ‘ stories like this

” I’ve always been interested in the field of complementary medicine/therapy, so I started to investigate this in relation to my situation. I found an integrated practitioner (someone who promotes the use of complementary therapies alongside conventional treatments) who recommended a variety of different therapies and treatments that she felt would be beneficial to my diagnosis. I was amazed and encouraged by her attitude towards me and the disease and – in stark contrast to the fear and anxiety I had felt after the first meeting with my oncologist – I left her filled with hope and inspiration. Too many people feel powerless when faced with a cancer diagnosis and accept the prognosis without question. Sadly for many this then becomes their reality.

Instead I made the decision to embark on a treatment regime of complementary therapies including prescribed Ayurvedic medication imported from India, homeopathic remedies, reiki, Journey work, food supplements and combinations of vitamins and minerals. These did not come cheap so I used credit cards and loans to supplement my income in order to pay for them.

I have now gone five years without the aid of conventional treatments – something that my consultant said was not possible.

And five years on I find myself in a very difficult financial situation and on the verge of bankruptcy. I had to stop all therapies that cost any money about 9 months ago as it just became to difficult to fund them.”

The organisation wants money to fund more alternative (unproven) treatments. I find this tragic.

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  1. Kimberley Pledger January 28, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

    Leaving aside the fact that there is no evidence to support the use of reiki, journey work, homeopathy or nutritional supplements as a treatment for cancer, this lady seems to have completely misunderstood the meanings of ‘complementary’ and ‘alternative.’ Perhaps if she had understood the difference her current circumstances might be rather different.