Mixtard 30: Novartis gets it wrong

The Drugs and Therapeutics Bulletin is campaigning against Novartis’ decision to stop production of a particular type of insulin – one which has been around for years, is very reliable, and which is used by around 90,000 patients. Novartis say that the use of this insulin – Mixtard 30- is dropping: and that this type of insulin is less good that the more modern biphasic types of insulin. However biphasic insulin is not better in terms of long term outcomes or safety, and changing insulin for many patients will be inconvient at best and unpleasant and possibly harmful for many.

Of course, Novartis are a company and free to do what they like. Perhaps the time really is come for there to be a NHS Generics set up, to ensure constant deliveries of generic medication for NHS patients. This would allow for the same packaging and familiar tablets to be dispensed, as well as useful placebo packaging.

You can sign the petition here.

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