Sex in the city

I find myself feeling most uncomfortable over the “Find your me spot” campaign  “organised and paid for by Bayer Schering Pharma”. It’s a series of ‘nights out’ for ladies, with tips on fashion, flirting, how to create ‘kissable lips’  – oh, and contraception. Quite a twist on reps taking doctors out for dinner – take prospective patients out for a giggly female evening instead. Probably more fun. But if you look at the link to Bayer Scherings’  ‘contraception’ website, you will find yourself faced with lots of tips on empowering yourself on a visit to the doctor to discuss your contraceptive desires.

Not one of these ‘top ten questions’ though is anything other than what normal doctors should be normally discussing. The thing is, most contraception is still medicine, with side effects, pros and cons, contraindications, cautions and risks. All that is fine, but when you are choosing what you want, I reckon that the best unbiased and fair information, tailored to the individual,will not be sponsored by the manufactures of contraceptives. (The FPA has some good info.)

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